Our Approach

Traditional weddings videos were like watching  hours of CCTV footage. We wanted to create something different from this - something with a realness to it. We wanted to capture stories, not just taking in the visuals like photography but also capturing the sounds - the laughter, the music, the wedding vows and speeches.
We treat each wedding as an individual project with its own unique flavour and I spend a lot of time on the editing, crafting the footage into a beautiful film telling the story of the day.
As well as capturing weddings, I make documentaries and my work includes the BBC Birmingham Newcomer Award

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Questions & Answers

Where are you based?
I am based in Warwickshire but film across the Midlands

What is your style of filming?
Our style is 'documentary'. Throughout the day, we try our best to be unnoticed and out of the way. Enough people will be telling you were to go and when to smile and pose - we avoid all of this. We want to capture genuine moments of you and you guests having a fantastic time. We never like to pose anything but we are happy to spend time with the bride and groom creating some beautiful images away from your wedding party.These are still relaxed - we just let you and your partner interact somewhere pretty.

How many people are filming on the day?
Quality is most important when capturing your wedding. There are usually two of us filming on the day. Two Videographers provides broader source material, multi-camera / multi angle shooting and more audio recording options. For a two camera shoot, our prices are very competitive. Please look at the film price page.

How long are you there for on the day?
Usually we start filming a couple of hours before the ceremony and finish one hour after the First Dance but I can tailor to your requirements.

I want my wedding filmed but will all the filming equipment clutter the venue and ruin it for my guests?
The equipment we film with now is not like that used in the days of traditional wedding videography. The cameras are nowadays light-weight, microphones are so small they can be hidden in a jacket lapel and for much of the day we can use a small glide-cam device which is very unobtrusive. We try to use natural lighting wherever possible but sometimes we might have to light the speeches. This is just a single light that is often placed in the corner of the room.

I am concerned how I will come across on camera?
Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. You are surrounded by family and friends and are completely taken care of all day by the wedding venue. Wedding day nerves soon disappear and you will soon be relaxed and this will come across clearly on camera.

What is the finished product?
I produce a Cinematic feature, capturing all the essentials of your day, in a file format that can be viewed on tv or computer and can be readily copied.  You also receive a short 6 minute Key Moment film. The films on my website are all the short key moment films. Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance are also included in full. I spend a huge amount of time on the editing of the footage - 100 hours in total. I want to create a film that is visually rich, interesting and constantly moving. Something that you will want to watch over and over again.

How long till we can see the videos?
I will post the short key moment film online to preview about 5 weeks after the wedding. I will also give you the opportunity to preview the main film around this time. You can preview this on either a Flash Drive which you can insert into your television to play or a DVD.

Can I choose my own music for the film?
You can add any music you like. You can either send the tracks via e-mail or via a file transfer website. For the Key Moment film I have to be aware of copyright so will add music which I have paid a license for in the style of the music you have chosen.

Do you do drone filming?
Yes. We do drone filming. Please enquire for more details.
How do I progress with making a booking?
Please send me an e-mail or give me a call to check availability and then we can chat about the day. I require a deposit of £200.